Here's Proof You Can Have A Bathtub In A Small Bathroom

2022-10-14 14:05:58 By : Mr. Tiger Sanray

Do you love having a bath but fear your bathroom is a little too small to incorporate a tub? According to QS Supplies, 44 out of 50 American states prefer having a bath rather than a shower, so if you do have a small space, making sure to fit a bath in will no doubt be an important consideration. There are lots of options to ensure you don't have to forgo your beloved bath time, and according to MasterClass, there are eight different types of bathtubs you can review. Unfortunately, some tubs are unsuitable for small bathrooms, but thankfully some, such as the soaking bathtub and the walk-in bathtub, would be perfect for small square footage.

One way of making sure you can fit a tub into your compact washroom is to have your shower and bath combined. Rather than having a shower tray or cubicle, have a tub with a shower unit installed above it, with either a glass screen or a shower curtain to protect the room from getting soaked at shower time. Below are 20 examples that prove you can install a tub even if your bathroom is small. Stone Resin Shower Base

This bathroom is small but has everything you need. The bathtub is well placed, incorporating an overhead shower, and everything is within arm's reach.

This bathroom cleverly makes use of the large shower cubicle by adding a freestanding tub into the space and putting it at an angle. This means you can use the space for both baths and showers.

The space at the end of this modern washroom is too small for a traditional-sized bathtub, but this soaking basin is petite and perfectly fits in the area provided with the addition of a shower overhead.

This short bathtub is only 2/3 of the size of a traditional one, but if you really want a basin and the option to soak away your aches and pains, that won't matter while relaxing in this modern monochrome bathroom.

This compact bathroom has used the space well, incorporating a smaller, freestanding tub underneath a shower unit. The basin is extra deep to make up for its lack of length, still enabling the user to soak the whole body.

This washroom is small, long, and thin, so a perfect solution is a round bathtub like this one. It's deep enough so you are still able to immerse the whole body without taking up too much precious space.

A square bathtub may be the answer for the smallest spaces, utilizing the available footage. An overhead showerhead and glass screen ensures the user can both take a shower and enjoy a bath.

With a few shower options installed in this bathroom to ensure you can still soak the day's cares away, simply replace the shower tray with a bathtub, and you will have a perfect bathing space.

Again, replacing the shower tray or tiled draining area with a smaller freestanding tub means that this bathroom can have both the option of showering and bathing. 

If you feel like a bathtub will take up too much precious storage space, getting a shorter basin will allow you to still make the most of the surrounding space.

This bathtub is long and thin, so it doesn't take up too much room. Also, having the taps mounted on the wall means you can relax at either end of the basin.

This bath makes the most of a small space that could otherwise prove to be a little redundant. With a deep surround and taps situated on the side, this basin, while small, still feels luxurious and relaxing.

This freestanding bath makes the most of the large window. Unfortunately, the window's height means you can't use the sink and toilet on this side of the room; however, the basin fits under it perfectly.

Corner tubs are the perfect solution for a small bathroom. This space utilizes this footage well. However, a freestanding bath placed in the corner would give the same space-saving effect as well.

Again, using the space under the overhead shower proves a popular way of incorporating a bath into your small washroom. Tiling the surround gives it a sturdy, modern feel.

Compact and cozy, this space proves that you can still incorporate a basin if you really want one even in the smallest of rooms.

Again, the positioning of the window makes this the perfect space for a bath, but using the tub as a shower tray means you can also have a quick shower when needed.

Lots of homes have oversized, walk-in showers these days, so why not use that space to place a freestanding bathtub in there?

This bathtub is unusual in shape but uses the small area to its advantage. The form means there is still plenty of space for storage around the tub.

Marble Shower Tray This bathtub is simple and stunning. Small but perfect for its purpose, it would fit in the smallest of bathrooms, and with its long back supporting the user, it would provide a deep, relaxing soak.